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J Ventures brings blockchain JFIN Chain to SEA on, Strengthening support of business

J Ventures, the technology platform and digital transformation developer in the Jaymart Group, announced its readiness to bring the Thai blockchain JFIN Chain, and the JFIN coin to, a leading trading platform that has built a system to meet the needs of investors in the Asian, South American and African markets. On May 17th, the integration of JFIN Chain with was officially launched to support further business growth and expand the innovative blockchain into other countries.

Mr. Thanawat Lertwattanarak, CEO of J Ventures, stated, "J Ventures has developed JFIN Chain as the main blockchain infrastructure to drive true digital transformation. We believe that blockchain technology is a key tool that will change the way businesses operate, and we are determined to make this technology accessible and user-friendly for individuals and businesses.

“This collaboration with is another important opportunity for JFIN to officially expand the usage of JFIN Chain internationally, providing an opportunity for international investors, businesses, and developers to join and utilize JFIN Chain. We have seen the growth of our blockchain throughout Asia, South America, Africa, and specifically in Southeast Asia.

“Meanwhile, in Thailand, JFIN Chain will serve as a corporate blockchain that focuses on strengthening an ecosystem with the potential to drive and promote digital transformation (DX) for partner groups. This expansion includes knowledge, technology and ready-to-use tools. This business partnership, between Jaymart Group and our startup, leverages JFIN Chain’s connection to international markets to create more convenient opportunities for our partners who have plans to expand into other regions. We have the technological infrastructure in place. Therefore, Thai businesses and organizations interested in innovating or building blockchain applications on JFIN Chain can plan and connect with us to expand internationally.

Mr. James Toh, Global Head of Business Development at, a global digital asset trading center headquartered in Singapore with over 3.5 million users in 175 countries, stated:

" provides fast and secure cryptocurrency trading services, as well as derivatives, OTC services, and NFTs, with our financial technology and blockchain. Our blockchain will help create an ecosystem that allows everyone to access digital assets and various technologies developed on the blockchain worldwide. We hope to contribute to driving the cryptocurrency economy toward mutual growth with our platform."

In addition, Mr. Thanawat added, "From a developer's perspective, we see JFIN Chain as a business gateway to blockchain innovation. We are prepared to drive and promote digital transformation for our partners, so they can cope with the emerging requirement for businesses to have technology-driven solutions. We intend for JFIN Chain to support all types of business industries, regardless of their technological background. In addition to benefiting Thai businesses using our blockchain, this collaboration abroad will also support foreign businesses using JFIN Chain in the future. All of which will further strengthen the ecosystem."

To meet the organization's vision of entering Web 3.0 with blockchain technology that is accessible and user-friendly for businesses and organizations, JFIN Chain also creates blockchain tools that merge the world of blockchain technology with the business world. It helps businesses adopt blockchain technology easily and enhances the efficiency and security of their operations, creating a strong ecosystem together. For those interested, you can find more information at


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