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JFIN was funded by ICO, which was the 1st ICO by listed companies in Thailand, Jaymart Group. We raised funds mainly for the development of a Decentralized Digital Lending Platform, including investing in its technologies.  JFIN Coin was created to be a backbone of the ecosystem where the JFIN blockchain network drives distributed peer-to-peer transactions. A decentralized Digital Lending Platform is the application of such a blockchain network. 


Now, JFIN is a cryptocurrency designed to be a utility token for the business ecosystem by J Ventures' products

Find JFIN Whitepaper here


Whitepaper Version 1.1
JFIN Coin - Decentralized Digital Lending Platform and Ecosystem

The ICO pre-sales started on 14 February 2018, while the public sale was on 1 March 2018.

Whitepaper Version 2.0
Chang log for JFIN Sale and Distribution
(Updated on  21 September 2021)

JFIN Token - Whitepaper 3.0 EN_01.07.22.001.jpeg

A proof-of-stake blockchain that was developed for a network to support decentralized applications with a variety of functions and utilities, especially DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. JFIN Chain will use JFIN tokens as its native tokens for transactions (gas fee).

Download JFIN Whitepaper Version 3.0 (JFIN Chain)

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