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JFIN was funded by ICO, which was the 1st ICO by listed companies in Thailand, Jaymart Group. We raised funds mainly for the development of a Decentralized Digital Lending Platform, including investing in its technologies.  JFIN Coin was created to be a backbone of the ecosystem where the JFIN blockchain network drives distributed peer-to-peer transactions. A decentralized Digital Lending Platform is the application of such a blockchain network. 


Now, JFIN is a cryptocurrency designed to be a utility token for the business ecosystem by J Ventures' products

JFIN Project Series

JFIN is developing extended platforms and projects to drive DX - Digital transformation for our ecosystem and business partners.

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A proof-of-stake blockchain that was developed for a network to support decentralized applications with a variety of functions and utilities, especially DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. JFIN Chain will use JFIN tokens as its native tokens for transactions (gas fee).

xCHAIN is a ready-to-use blockchain ecosystem which operates in cross-sector collaboration with partners, such as, academic institutions, enterprises, software developers, and start-ups. Having these partners joining as validator node, this collaboration will hence strengthen xCHAIN ecosystem.

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Everyday Blockchain Application

Join Application is building the crypto experience in your hands. We create Join to be your everyday blockchain application powered by JFIN Ecosystem, Thailand token.

Pah Pay Personal Lending

A personal loan under Pico Licensed in Thailand for unbank people by using our alternative credit score name " Pah Score " which calculate the lending score by using AI and Machine Learning Technology together with psychological questionaires. The data we gathered came from 3 major areas including Purchasing Power, Spending Behavior, Social Behavior. 

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JNFT is a creative platform where creators meet collectors in a new disruptive economy.

Thailand AGM Voting

A blockchain voting application for Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Proving identity voting

  • Vote at anywhere

  • Immutable by blockchain

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JFIN is powered by subsidiaries company of Jaymart Group and associated companies

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JFIN Price

เช็คราคา JFIN ได้ตลอด 24 ชม. ผ่าน

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