Where is the white paper available?
White paper will be publicly available on 1st February 2018. You can access it only via https://www.jfincoin.io or https://jfincoin.jventures.co.th
What is JFinCoin token type?
JFinCoin is an ethereum-based token, which of course is ERC20 compliant. It ensures that JFinCoin can undergo interactions with various wallets, exchanges and smart contracts without any issues.
Is JFinCoin a Security or Utility token?
JFinCoin is a utility token*. Owner of JFinCoin has a opportunity to be part of the JFin BlockChain network that help verify and process transactions occurred in the ecosystem. JFinCoin is used as a fuel for the blockchain network.
* Based upon current understanding and subject to rules and regulations from BOT, SEC, and SET.
What is objective of JFinCoin Creation?
We created JFinCoin to be a backbone of the ecosystem where JFin blockchain network drives distributed peer-to-peer transactions. Decentralized Digital Lending Platform is the application of such a blockchain network .
What do we raise fund for?
We raise fund mainly for development of Decentralized Digital Lending Platform, including investing in its technologies. See Funds Allocation on whitepaper for details
Does JFinCoin use Proof-of-work technique for consensus mechanism?
No, we plan to use Proof-of-stake or Tendermint for consensus mechanism for benefit of energy savings and a safer network as attacks become more expensive.
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Do miner get a block reward from mining block on blockchain?
No, there is no block reward, so, the miners take only the transaction fees. In this Proof-of-Stake system, miners are called forgers, instead. This way, the total amount of JFinCoin does not increase.
How to buy JFinCoin?
Visit website https://www.jfincoin.io or https://jfincoin.jventures.co.th. Follow instructions Here . Overview steps are
  • Register an account in TDAX.
  • Verify the account on TDAX.
  • Verify an bank account on TDAX.
  • Deposit money to your TDAX Account.
  • Buy JFinCoin on Presale or ICO dates via TDAX Website.
  • After purchased, JFinCoin amount will be listed on your account balance on agreed date.
Note: We do not accept offline orders nor order from other websites/brokers apart from TDAX.
What is price of JFinCoin on Presale and ICO?
JFinCoin is 6.6 Baht (Roughly 0.2 USD)
Is there any minimum or maximum purchase for Presale and ICO?
There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount
What are currencies we accept on Presale?
Fiat Currency: THB (Thai Baht)
Does JFinCoin has a private sale with discount for large amount?
We’ll take into consideration, please contact us via email JFinCoin@jventures.co.th
I have registered on Business Signup date, do I have a dedicate amount or priority over other on the presale date?
Unfortunately No, JFinCoin sales on First-Come,First-Serve basis. You will get a discount of 10% on the amount you purchase.
Do JFInCoin have any affiliate marketing programs?
No, we don’t have any affiliate marketing campaign.
What do you get when investing on JFinCoin?
You will receive JFinCoin tokens. The JFinCoin Token can be used on:
  1. To access Decentralized Digital Lending Platform (DDLP), when the platform is completed
  2. To contribute resource to the JFIN Blockchain network as a validator. A validator helps processing transactions on the Blockchain ecosystem, in turn, receive transaction fees in form of JFIN Coin
  3. Redeems for special reward from Jaymart, e.g. discount, promotion, etc.
Where can you trade JFinCoin?
JFinCoin will be listed on TDAX (Exchanges). Nonetheless, JFinCoin is an ethereum-based token. It can be transferred to other etherwallets with ease. External international exchanges can list JFinCoin, if there is demand for it.
When can you trade JFinCoin?
JFinCoin can be traded on TDAX After ICO Finished (1 April 2018)*
* Subject to change
How can you know the current price of JFinCoin after ICO?
After ICO Period, JFinCoin can be traded on exchanges, such as, TDAX. The price of JFinCoin is not controlled by JFin team or any other party. You can check market price on the exchanges
Do JFinCoin guarantee value of the JFinCoin?
No, we do not guarantee any specific value of the coin over any specific of time. We shall not be held responsible for any change in value of the JFin Coin. The value may vary based on, but not limit to, supply and demand of services, judgments about its future economic, competitive and market conditions, and business decisions.